New Benidorm Jobs on Offer 2018

Benidorm Jobs

BenidormHolidays Ltd & BenidormWeekender are looking for Summer Staff 2018,

Benidorm Jobs, come work this summer in Benidorm.

Do you think you have what it takes to work the Summer in Benidorm?

We are looking for Next seasons Summer Staff to Join our workforce, Here in Benidorm,

We are looking for staff from th start of March 2018, If you have what it takes.

Benidorm Jobs is where you can find all the information you need for a Benidorm Job.

Have you always wanted a Benidorm Job?

Benidorm jobs

Come & Join the team for your Summer Benidorm Jobs.

For Full Information & a list of Benidorm Jobs, Here


Benidorm jobs Hire over 30 Party Reps each summer here in Benidorm, Been Part of the Benidorm Weekender Team is easy & probably one of the Best & most unforgettable things you can do, You will learn so much about life here working in Benidorm with us, The experience you will receive will be one you will never forget & most likely want to come again & again. We have Summer staff that have been coming & working with us for over 10 years now,  So for a chance of 100% garanteed job off then fill out the form & tell us why we should have you come & work with us this coming year.

Summer Work 2018

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Hen & Stag events with Benidorm Weekender are what we are about,

We Book more group Bookings in Benidorm Then any other Tour Operator,

Benidorm Weekender is on TV on many Channles, We are due to have our own TV show





Apply to Work in Benidorm For Benidorm Weekender 2018


Working Holiday With Benidorm Weekender

If you’ve ever wanted a Working Holiday in Benidorm then now’s your chance,
Benidorm Weekender only work with trusted companies that adhere to a high level of business standards. As you’ve probably already heard working abroad is notoriously one of those party experiences of a lifetime. You’ll get to spend your entire summer abroad bronzing in the sun, making new friends, partying every night and best of all you get a nice little wage at the end of it. However getting set up can be quite difficult so why not let the professionals take over and help guide you in the right directions.
All our partner companies are formed of experienced Benidorm workers. They specialize in workers accommodation, cheap flights, jobs, reports and much more. Teaming up with only the best allows us both to offer you the best of both worlds. We can help set you up with the best accommodation deals and help set up your work here in Benidorm.
The total price for your Working Holiday package will be £500pp. You only need to pay your £50 deposit now and the remaining balance in installments. For this you will get a Reps Job & 28 days accommodation, Free transport from airport to your apartment!, An option to stay on for the full season!, Welcome pack sent out in the post!, 100 % Job!, Free help and support 24/7! and Organised activities!
Please reserve your space to work in Benidorm below. One of our reps will be in touch.

Summer Work 2018

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Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Ever wondered what it would be like to get  Summer Jobs Benidorm for you & your Friends.

Benidorm Weekender Are starting there 2018 recruitment dive now,

Below is some information on Jobs that will be available for the 2018 Season in Benidorm Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm

Everything you need to know about working in Benidorm this summer 2018
Getting your dream job with BenidormWeekender & Benidorm Events couldn’t be easier when you travel with us.

Our experienced reps are there to guide you every step of the way to ensure you find your dream job for summer 2018!

Below are summaries of the most popular jobs we will have available.

In our experience the majority of Summer Staff take up one of the roles listed below, if you feel you may be suited to something different,
please contact us directly! Here

Here is our Quick Apply form to send.

Summer Work 2018

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Here is some information on some of our Summer Jobs Benidorm


Ticket Selling Benidorm 2018 (Ticket Rep’s)

What does Ticket Selling involve?
Ticket selling is not for the faint hearted but extremely rewarding if you are motivated to get out and sell! We employ more Ticket sellers each year then any other role, Your job is to find potential customers who are interested in events that we have on such as Booze Cruises and Bar Crawls! For A full list of what events you can sell for Check out Our Activates list here

Free Drinks All Night, Get Paid To Party,  Meet New People, Nights Off Party

Ticket selling pay varies dramatically depending on how much work you’re willing to do. Top sellers can expect to earn 300+ Euros a day during peak season!

Your hours are entirely up to you but remember the harder you work, the more you’ll be rewarded! We ask all Worker who are in our Accommodation to work the min 4 hours Per day,


Shot Sellers

What does Shot Selling work involve?
You’ll be working in lively bars and clubs selling a variety of different shots to groups of tourists. If you’re outgoing and have a flirty nature then this could be the perfect summer job for you!

Easy And Fun, Free Drinks, Lively Party Atmosphere,  Get Paid To Party

A basic rate between 15-25 Euros per night and commission. Top sellers can expect to earn 150+ Euros a night!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 7 hours per night.


What does being a Benidorm Weekender Dancer Involve?
This one is self-explanatory! Experience is pretty much essential but the opportunities are endless. Your job will consist of dancing on stages; podiums or even bar tops and is not for the fainthearted!

Free Drinks, Get Paid, To Party, Lively Party Atmosphere, Guaranteed Pay

Dancers are in high demand so expect to earn between 40-150 euros per night.
Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.



What Does been a Benidorm Weekender Stripper Involve?

Been  Benidorm Weekender Stripper is one of the best paid Jobs we have, You will be Stripping & working for the Groups we have, We have Stag & Hen Groups every week So don’t expect to keep your cloths on for long,


Strippers get good rates of pay for each show they do 40-150 Euros per show,


Summer Jobs Benidorm

Bar Work.

What does bar work involve?
You’ll be working in some of the best bars and clubs in Benidorm serving anything from local beer to exotic cocktails and everything in between! Experience is preferred but not essential – as long as your quick on your feet and good with numbers this is the perfect job for you!

Free Drinks , Meeting New People, Amazing Party Atmosphere & Great Tips

Bar Work pay can vary depending on each establishment however you can expect to earn between 40-60 Euros per night. Your wage is also regular and guaranteed so you have nothing to worry about!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 8 hours per night.

Club/PR Work

What does Club/PR work involve?
You’ll be approaching tourists offering great drinks deals to get them into the bar or club. Confidence is key in this job but as long as you’re outgoing and friendly you will love it!

Free Drinks All Night Socialising With New People Outdoor Party Atmosphere Make New Friends Every Night,

PR’s can expect to earn between 20-40 Euros per night although this can rise significantly through commission!

Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.


Hen Weekend Benidorm

Hen Weekend Benidorm


Benidorm Hen Weekends 

Hen Weekend Benidorm package from 100s of Hen Ideas, Activities & Hotels.

The multi award winning event specialists!

Benidorm Weekender & Benidorm Event’s Number one in Hen Weekends in Benidorm

20,000 guests use our services each and every year, with over 500,000 Guests over the past 15 years.

Hen Weekend Benidorm, If you have been to Benidorm as part of a group, then you will have used our services on one way or another, So why pay middle men, when we are the Main Event & Activities supplier, here in Benidorm.

Book with us & save Time, Money & to be sure to have the best time possible.

Benidorm Weekender has won a number of Customer Service & Satisfaction awards over the years..

Call Customer Service on 08000 588 922

Pick from some of our ready made events, or you can always make your own up, Just let us know whats on your mind.

  • Benidorm Cocktail Making 
  • Benidorm Hen Party
  • Benidorm Beach Hen Party
  • Benidorm Hen Boat Party
  • Benidorm Strippers
  • Benidorm Welcome Drinks
  • Benidorm Hen Transfers
  • Benidorm Events


Full List of Hen Activities in Benidorm


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When is Benidorm Fancy Dress 2017?

When is Benidorm Fancy Dress 2017?

Well this year’s 2017 November Fiesta Fancy Dress day is on the Thursday 16th November 2017.

As you know this date is not official as it is in no way connected to the Actual Spanish November fiesta, Over the past 10 years the English have taken this day.

As there day for a Fancy Dress, and to show Benidorm that we love to party.

Each year for the past 10 it has gone from been just a small group to over 50,000 strong and roads having to be closed.

Now the Date of Benidorm Fancy Dress party is a permanent fixture within Benidorm.

Growing each year, This is with no shadow of doubt that this  most busy few days in the year for Calla Garona and its bars.

Benidorm Tiki Beach
This is Tiki Beach Benidorm with Stag groups booking with us

It is starting to spread as the word gets out that is truly is one of the biggest and wildest Fancy dress party’s in the world.

Here are the facts about the Actual November Fiesta



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Benidorm Fiesta 2018 Group Bookings

Origins of the Benidorm Fiesta 2018

These fiestas can be traced back as far as March 1740 when legend has it that a ship was washed up on the local shore during a terrible storm.

Not knowing where the ship had come from some of the local townsfolk decided to burn it so as to aleviate any danger of it being the source of an outbreak of any infectious diseases.

In the ashes that remained they saw an image, the Virgin which they took to the church where a small chapel was built in her honour.

A reenactment of this episode is staged every year on Playa de Poniente as part of the celebrations.

The reason that the Benidorm fiestas are in November rather than March are because otherwise the fishermen who were out at sea catching tuna wouldn’t have been able to attend, so they were delayed until they returned from what was known as the ‘Almadraba’ in November.

But now Benidorm is a Tourist destination and this no longer applies.

Fancy Dress Thursday

Whilst the fiestas officially end with the Wednesday night fireworks display it is the unofficial Thursday that unites many of Benidorm’s British residents with visiting holidaymakers.

The day is dedicated to a full day party in fancy dress that takes places all around the resort’s popular bars.

Make sure to bring some fancy dress with you and don’t plan on travelling home on the Friday!

Benidorm Fiesta 2018 week is a very popular time to visit the Benidorm and late deals aren’t easy to come by.

Benidorm Buff waiter
Buff waiter Benidorm

Benidorm Cocktail Making


Benidorm Cocktail Making: Learn how to make perfect cocktails with tuition from a professional. The staff are friendly and accommodating and each group member will get chance to get make their own cocktails with personal instruction.

What’s Included

We will send a Benidorm Cocktail Making host to collect your group from the Hotel, Then we will walk down the beach front to the Bar, Once here you will be welcomed with a free glass of Fizz as you are seated & shown your own private Benidorm Cocktail making Bar,

Hands-on cocktail making

3 cocktails per person




2 – 3 hours

Planning a group trip to Benidorm, with Benidorm Weekender you get the following:

– Specialists in group holidays, offering competitive prices 100’s of hotels in Benidorm

– Payments accepted in pounds sterling or euros, by credit or debit card and with no extra charges

– Individual payment system for groups including Benidorm stag and hen parties

– Tailor make your Benidorm holiday and we’ll help you put together a suited itinerary

– All bookings are operated by our Spanish based our travel agency

– Local rep service – Benidorm specialists with over 20 years experience in the party scene in Benidorm

– Plenty of extras included with your Benidorm Weekender booking.


Get ready to master all the tricks of the trade, from muddling and mixing to shaking and stirring. You’ll learn. You’ll party. you’ll never experience anything else like it. The fun starts as soon as you walk through the door, with a free glass of fizz.

Then, sample some of your favorites before getting behind the bar to blend your own. Throw in a few games and challenges and you’re guaranteed one hell of a party! Benidorm Cocktail making classes don’t come better than this, so what are you waiting for? Get booked up today!

By now you’ll have an idea of what’s in store, but speak to a member of our Events Team to find out more. We’ll create a bespoke Cocktail Masterclass experience and make it a night to remember.

Cocktail Making on a Benidorm Hen Party

  Benidorm Hen Party Event: Cocktail Making with Benidorm Weekender

Take a break from throwing shapes in the wild super-clubs of Benidorm party paradise.

Get the girls together for our most popular hen party activity. A Benidorm Cocktail Making class at a popular Beach front venue.

Ever wanted to learn the art of mastering the Mojito or the Cosmopolitan, are whipping up the perfect Sex on the Beach?

Now’s your chance! Giggle with your favorite girls, get a bit tipsy and have a fab time making some classic cocktails.

Turn up to the venue with your bride tribe in tow,  and be greated by a professional mixologist and a complimentary drink. Just what the girls need to get the hen party going.

As your getting party started, let our barman get down to basics. By teaching you the difference between cocktail and shot glasses.

You’ll learn the correct measures, how to use shakers and other necessary bar tools. After group have watched him demo your favorite drinks, it’s the hen party’s turn to jump to other side of the bar and shake things up!


Each girl in the Benidorm Hen Party will have opportunity to mix, mash and make three cocktails during the course of cocktail making lesson.  Also have shaking, free pouring and other bar tricks in the bag, brill!

There will be games like blindfold cocktail making and other cheeky surprises. Watch ladies, forfeit shots when you take a misstep! We can see lots of tipsy hens coming.

Doing a cocktail making class is perfect for the first afternoon or evening in Benidorm on a hen weekend. It is the ultimate way to break the ice between girls who may not know each other before this Hen Party in Benidorm and it’s guaranteed to get all the girls in the Benidorm hen party mood. Come on girls, mix it up!


  • Benidorm Cocktail Making
  • We will come collect you from your hotel
  • Private Bar in a popular bar
  • Tuition from a cocktail trained bar-person
  • Complimentary Drink on arrival
  • Learn to make 3 classic long drinks
  • Minimum group size: 6-50




Benidorm Hen Party & Pool Party With Benidorm Weekender
Benidorm Hen party & Pool Party with Benidorm Weekender

Benidorm Hen Party is the best way to get your group together & see what Benidorm really has to offer, We will come & collect your group & walk down the Benidorm Sea front, to our bar, where you will be welcomed with a Drink as you take your Private seated area along with your own Private Bar and host,