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BECOME A Benidorm Weekender Worker!!
So you’re bored of your 9-5 job, the recent weathers been getting you down or you don’t know what to do with yourself, whatever your reason, you like thousands of other people from all around Europe could be working in the sunny resort of Benidorm in Spain 2018 summer.

The following will give you information on everything you need to know for anybody who wants to live the dream and isn’t sure how to go about it.
Preparation First and foremost it is important to ask yourself whether this is for you?

Do you consider yourself confident and well presented? ✅

Are you prepared to leave home comforts for a different lifestyle? ✅

Are you willing to work hard whilst everybody around you is relaxing or partying? ✅

No experience is necessary

You won’t need to know a word of Spanish, but you will need a bit of adventure within you to take up the challenge, Just a few things to consider before you jump into a new exciting life Working in Benidorm.

First steps Ok so you’ve decided to have a go at this working abroad stuff whatever your reason and don’t know where to start?

You need to decide when you’re going to arrive, where you’re going to stay…. Best time to go? In reality there is no ‘best time’ to go,

However there are recommended times to arrive, most notably during March and April. In March although this is when many bars open their doors for the first time they generally don’t need many staff and those that do get the jobs are normally workers from the previous year.

Once June arrives although again people get the sack, go home, change jobs etc the high season is truly in full swing and most places will already have their staff. We would recommend coming to start work with us, the first week of March, or before Easter or just before the two bank holidays in may, these are busy weekend in Benidorm and we need to be fully staffed to make the most of the busy period, use this to your advantage.

We help with Staff accommodation 

Once you’ve decided when you’re going to start your adventure you need to work out where you’re going to live for the next few months! There are various apartment blocks which are considered workers accommodation but let’s not worry about that for now, the recommended thing to do is book about 1 week in a hotel.

Before the end of may you can get some really cheap deals (and have your bedding and room cleaned for free!) lodging at dodgy hotels or hostels is generally is not a problem in Benidorm go cheap and save your money on more important things, once you are here, you have a job and you definitely want to stay long term you can ask use our workers accommodation, something we will discuss later.

Setting a budget It won’t cost you a fortune to settle in to life beside the beach, however we do recommend you set aside enough money to pay for your first few weeks. You will have to consider having enough to pay your first weeks rent and up to a month’s deposit in your newly acquired accommodation and have enough in case of an emergency, have between €500 and €750 to take with you and you should be fine.

Health and Safety Before you arrive you should make sure you have a e111 card, its free on the NHS and will help should something go wrong, also please get some travel/health insurance!! It costs about £20-£40 which is next to nothing when you consider how much it could save you in lost contents or doctors bills, there really is no excuse, just get it!

Additional information if all of this seems like too much hard work and you would happily pay somebody to securely do it for you? There are companies who (for a price) will get you several weeks accommodation, assign you a rep, introduce you to other Benidorm Weekender Staff and help you pick the right job for you.

But we will do it all once you are offered a job working for us ✅

Many seasoned workers started this way so perhaps this could be the route for you. Settling in now you have arrived and no doubt you will spend at least the first few nights getting absolutely trashed which is fine but eventually you will have to get to work and a proper home… We have so many different types of jobs, some people do something they didn’t even know existed! It’s very simple,
in order to keep a job you will need to have a good attitude, not be late or get too drunk whilst at work.

Working in Benidorm ✅

Beware there are good and bad places to work, some places will take advantage of your vulnerability, anybody offering week trials then don’t bother (if an employer tells you your on trial it will probably mean you’re not getting paid) again talk to experienced workers and they will help you to avoid bad employers. You will either get paid nightly or weekly, if you start during low season your wages should go up about 20% in high season (June-September).

Job Types – There are literally Thousands of jobs created between February and June for the busy summer season, choosing the right job for you can be difficult (although its perhaps better not to be picky for now) there are specialist jobs such as DJ’s, security, dancers, chefs but the following are just some of the simpler, more popular jobs and what they involve.


This is a rough guide to the hours you will be expected to work and what you will most likely get paid per day (during high season).

Work in one of Our Partner Bar ✅

A popular and well sought after job, previous bar work experience will be essential in some of the busier bars and clubs due to the pace of the service. Hours – depending on where you work obviously makes a difference, if you work in a beach bar the hours will generally be during the day (from 10am) or if you’re working in a night club such as Café Benidorm, don’t expect to be on your way home till 7:30am. You’ll most likely work 8-9 hours a day/night 6 days a week.

Pay Range – €40-€55 plus tips Pros – Set wages, bar work is stable, enjoyable and pretty straight forward once you know what you’re doing, some bar workers get excellent tips. Cons – Most have early starts or late finishes, you won’t be leaving until your bar is clean and restocked.

(Public Relations) ✅

A PRs job is to sell our product or bring people into the bar we are working with, the job is very popular yet very competitive, no experience necessary just be well presented and know how to talk to people with confidence whilst selling the deal we are offering.

Hours – 90% of PR jobs will be at night, generally speaking if you are on nights you will start 8pm-9pm and finish 2am-4am, nightclubs tend to do split shifts, advertising/ticket selling a couple of hours during the day and outside the club from 9pm-11pm right up until 3am-5am, 6 days a week

Pay Range – €30–€60 Pros – Set wages, can drink on the job, PR’ing is fun and action packed, your hours are relatively short and a good, hardworking PR or salesman can earn some very good money. Cons – Very competitive type of job to pursue, if a better PR comes along you will probably lose your job which brings great pressure on a nightly basis.

Ticket Seller ✅ (Working in Benidorm)

We have events going on all the time in Benidorm, live events, boat parties, bar crawls etc your manager will provide you with tickets to sell for a commission rate.

This is a job for the well disciplined and self motivated.

Hours – Except meeting times and end of day cashing up you will be completely self employed! Nobody will look over you and you can sell as and when you please.

Pay Range – Mainly commission

Work Pros – Anybody can do this job (A manager can never have too many ticket sellers!)

A very relaxed job, can work as you please, a great way to earn extra money (if already employed) can make some serious money during high season

Cons – If you have no self motivation or spend too many days in bed with a hangover you will not make a cent and then really be in trouble,

Accommodation for Working in Benidorm ✅

So now you have a job and you have decided you want to stay it’s time to find a real place to live. Finding good long term accommodation is not easy, some landlords will charge a weekly rate per bed others will charge for the whole apartment and expect everybody to pay and equal share, either way you will need to find other people to live with, there are designated workers accommodation which you will be made well aware of,

We have our own accommodation for Benidorm Weekender workers only ✅

Working in Benidorm is easy with Benidorm Holidays Ltd.
Expect to be paying around €50-€100 a week during high season,

We have a Start up Package that includes Guaranteed Job with us & 28 Days Accommodation.

Making the most of your Working in Benidorm time,

a nice Apartment now it’s time to just enjoy the experience of working in Benidorm! Just a few more tips for getting the most out of your summer.

It is important to stay safe, avoid prostitutes like the plague, I don’t care how pissed you are lads there is no excuse all they will do is rob your phone wallet and keys.

Walking alone at night is generally safe but as you would back in the UK try avoid doing this and stick to well lit areas.

For those of you who are interested in financial gain,

you can make some serious money working in Benidorm, a lot of seasonal workers work very hard during the summer and then spend the winter either skiing, in the far east, travelling or in the canary islands, sound nice doesn’t it?

We will allow you to work 7 days a week plus during high season there are many events you can sell tickets during the hours you are not at work (check with your manager first!) whatever you decide to do, enjoy your experience.

For more info please fill out the form  ✅

Working in Benidorm with a UK registered Company

Benidorm Holidays Ltd 

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Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Ever wondered what it would be like to get  Summer Jobs Benidorm for you & your Friends.

Benidorm Weekender Are starting there 2018 recruitment dive now,

Below is some information on Jobs that will be available for the 2018 Season in Benidorm Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm

Everything you need to know about working in Benidorm this summer 2018
Getting your dream job with BenidormWeekender & Benidorm Events couldn’t be easier when you travel with us.

Our experienced reps are there to guide you every step of the way to ensure you find your dream job for summer 2018!

Below are summaries of the most popular jobs we will have available.

In our experience the majority of Summer Staff take up one of the roles listed below, if you feel you may be suited to something different,
please contact us directly! Here

Here is our Quick Apply form to send.

Summer Work 2018

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Here is some information on some of our Summer Jobs Benidorm


Ticket Selling Benidorm 2018 (Ticket Rep’s)

What does Ticket Selling involve?
Ticket selling is not for the faint hearted but extremely rewarding if you are motivated to get out and sell! We employ more Ticket sellers each year then any other role, Your job is to find potential customers who are interested in events that we have on such as Booze Cruises and Bar Crawls! For A full list of what events you can sell for Check out Our Activates list here

Free Drinks All Night, Get Paid To Party,  Meet New People, Nights Off Party

Ticket selling pay varies dramatically depending on how much work you’re willing to do. Top sellers can expect to earn 300+ Euros a day during peak season!

Your hours are entirely up to you but remember the harder you work, the more you’ll be rewarded! We ask all Worker who are in our Accommodation to work the min 4 hours Per day,


Shot Sellers

What does Shot Selling work involve?
You’ll be working in lively bars and clubs selling a variety of different shots to groups of tourists. If you’re outgoing and have a flirty nature then this could be the perfect summer job for you!

Easy And Fun, Free Drinks, Lively Party Atmosphere,  Get Paid To Party

A basic rate between 15-25 Euros per night and commission. Top sellers can expect to earn 150+ Euros a night!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 7 hours per night.


What does being a Benidorm Weekender Dancer Involve?
This one is self-explanatory! Experience is pretty much essential but the opportunities are endless. Your job will consist of dancing on stages; podiums or even bar tops and is not for the fainthearted!

Free Drinks, Get Paid, To Party, Lively Party Atmosphere, Guaranteed Pay

Dancers are in high demand so expect to earn between 40-150 euros per night.
Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.



What Does been a Benidorm Weekender Stripper Involve?

Been  Benidorm Weekender Stripper is one of the best paid Jobs we have, You will be Stripping & working for the Groups we have, We have Stag & Hen Groups every week So don’t expect to keep your cloths on for long,


Strippers get good rates of pay for each show they do 40-150 Euros per show,


Summer Jobs Benidorm

Bar Work.

What does bar work involve?
You’ll be working in some of the best bars and clubs in Benidorm serving anything from local beer to exotic cocktails and everything in between! Experience is preferred but not essential – as long as your quick on your feet and good with numbers this is the perfect job for you!

Free Drinks , Meeting New People, Amazing Party Atmosphere & Great Tips

Bar Work pay can vary depending on each establishment however you can expect to earn between 40-60 Euros per night. Your wage is also regular and guaranteed so you have nothing to worry about!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 8 hours per night.

Club/PR Work

What does Club/PR work involve?
You’ll be approaching tourists offering great drinks deals to get them into the bar or club. Confidence is key in this job but as long as you’re outgoing and friendly you will love it!

Free Drinks All Night Socialising With New People Outdoor Party Atmosphere Make New Friends Every Night,

PR’s can expect to earn between 20-40 Euros per night although this can rise significantly through commission!

Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.