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Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018 ⋆ Benidorm Weekender, 20,000 a year book, Benidorm Hen & Stag
Summer Jobs Benidorm

Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Ever wondered what it would be like to get  Summer Jobs Benidorm for you & your Friends.

Benidorm Weekender Are starting there 2018 recruitment dive now,

Below is some information on Jobs that will be available for the 2018 Season in Benidorm Summer Jobs Benidorm 2018

Summer Jobs Benidorm

Everything you need to know about working in Benidorm this summer 2018
Getting your dream job with BenidormWeekender & Benidorm Events couldn’t be easier when you travel with us.

Our experienced reps are there to guide you every step of the way to ensure you find your dream job for summer 2018!

Below are summaries of the most popular jobs we will have available.

In our experience the majority of Summer Staff take up one of the roles listed below, if you feel you may be suited to something different,
please contact us directly! Here

Here is our Quick Apply form to send.

Summer Work 2018

Online App 2018
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Here is some information on some of our Summer Jobs Benidorm


Ticket Selling Benidorm 2018 (Ticket Rep’s)

What does Ticket Selling involve?
Ticket selling is not for the faint hearted but extremely rewarding if you are motivated to get out and sell! We employ more Ticket sellers each year then any other role, Your job is to find potential customers who are interested in events that we have on such as Booze Cruises and Bar Crawls! For A full list of what events you can sell for Check out Our Activates list here

Free Drinks All Night, Get Paid To Party,  Meet New People, Nights Off Party

Ticket selling pay varies dramatically depending on how much work you’re willing to do. Top sellers can expect to earn 300+ Euros a day during peak season!

Your hours are entirely up to you but remember the harder you work, the more you’ll be rewarded! We ask all Worker who are in our Accommodation to work the min 4 hours Per day,


Shot Sellers

What does Shot Selling work involve?
You’ll be working in lively bars and clubs selling a variety of different shots to groups of tourists. If you’re outgoing and have a flirty nature then this could be the perfect summer job for you!

Easy And Fun, Free Drinks, Lively Party Atmosphere,  Get Paid To Party

A basic rate between 15-25 Euros per night and commission. Top sellers can expect to earn 150+ Euros a night!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 7 hours per night.


What does being a Benidorm Weekender Dancer Involve?
This one is self-explanatory! Experience is pretty much essential but the opportunities are endless. Your job will consist of dancing on stages; podiums or even bar tops and is not for the fainthearted!

Free Drinks, Get Paid, To Party, Lively Party Atmosphere, Guaranteed Pay

Dancers are in high demand so expect to earn between 40-150 euros per night.
Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.



What Does been a Benidorm Weekender Stripper Involve?

Been  Benidorm Weekender Stripper is one of the best paid Jobs we have, You will be Stripping & working for the Groups we have, We have Stag & Hen Groups every week So don’t expect to keep your cloths on for long,


Strippers get good rates of pay for each show they do 40-150 Euros per show,


Summer Jobs Benidorm

Bar Work.

What does bar work involve?
You’ll be working in some of the best bars and clubs in Benidorm serving anything from local beer to exotic cocktails and everything in between! Experience is preferred but not essential – as long as your quick on your feet and good with numbers this is the perfect job for you!

Free Drinks , Meeting New People, Amazing Party Atmosphere & Great Tips

Bar Work pay can vary depending on each establishment however you can expect to earn between 40-60 Euros per night. Your wage is also regular and guaranteed so you have nothing to worry about!

Hours, Shifts vary between 4 – 8 hours per night.

Club/PR Work

What does Club/PR work involve?
You’ll be approaching tourists offering great drinks deals to get them into the bar or club. Confidence is key in this job but as long as you’re outgoing and friendly you will love it!

Free Drinks All Night Socialising With New People Outdoor Party Atmosphere Make New Friends Every Night,

PR’s can expect to earn between 20-40 Euros per night although this can rise significantly through commission!

Hours, Shifts vary between 5 – 7 hours per night.


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