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When is Benidorm Fancy Dress 2017?

When is Benidorm Fancy Dress 2017?

Well this year’s 2017 November Fiesta Fancy Dress day is on the Thursday 16th November 2017.

As you know this date is not official as it is in no way connected to the Actual Spanish November fiesta, Over the past 10 years the English have taken this day.

As there day for a Fancy Dress, and to show Benidorm that we love to party.

Each year for the past 10 it has gone from been just a small group to over 50,000 strong and roads having to be closed.

Now the Date of Benidorm Fancy Dress party is a permanent fixture within Benidorm.

Growing each year, This is with no shadow of doubt that this  most busy few days in the year for Calla Garona and its bars.

Benidorm Tiki Beach

This is Tiki Beach Benidorm with Stag groups booking with us

It is starting to spread as the word gets out that is truly is one of the biggest and wildest Fancy dress party’s in the world.

Here are the facts about the Actual November Fiesta



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